Keneh Ventures (KV) is a private equity management company which has originated the Keneh Ventures a series of funds to invest in a collection of strategic portfolio assets. KV Funds are hyper-focused investment vehicles which deploy capital in the ancillary cannabis space, including data, marketing, packaging, software, cannabis tourism, content providers, media, health and wellness startup companies, CBD, fulfillment, and real estate businesses.

These companies provide support to the space, but will not include cultivation or manufacturing of cannabis containing THC above 0.3%, per the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (the “2018 U.S. Farm Bill”). KV's investment model along with our team’s expertise in both cannabis and private equity, as well as an awareness of cultural trends, media, marketing, and market analytics, enables our portfolio companies to reach their targeted consumers effectively.


86% of Americans live in a state that allows some degree of marijuana use. Between 2015 and 2017 the US legal cannabis industry soared 73.5% from $4.9B in sales to $8.5B in sales. Based on the latest estimates from ArcView Market Research, The legal cannabis market is expected to maintain double-digit growth for the foreseeable future growing to $32B in sales internationally by 2022, assuming a compound annual growth rate of 30.74%. With the inevitable addition of future states and countries passing cannabis legislation, the adult use recreational and medical markets should dramatically exceed these expectations.

“The only consumer industry categories I’ve seen reach $5 billion in annual spending and then post anything like 25% compound annual growth in the next five years are cable television (19%) in the 1990s and the broadband internet (29%) in the 2000s.”  ~Tom Adams, Arcview’s editor-in-chief

- States With Recreational Legislation
- States With Medical Legislation

Our strategy is to deploy capital for ancillary cannabis nascent startup companies, media companies and content providers to market, brand and cross-promote our acquired assets across multiple platforms. By utilizing our media partners, we are able to offer our assets unique competitive leverage in the cannabis space.

Exposing our portfolio assets to targeted demographics before, during and after our products launch, enables our investment affiliates to gain a competitive advantage. The creation and utilization of this unique strategy differentiate's KV and our clientele and advances our visibility throughout the industry.


Chief Executive Officer:

Andrew Laub, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Keneh Ventures has more than 30 years of experience in senior management positions. 

Prior to Keneh Ventures, Andrew was a principal at Laub Realty for 23 years, which owns and manages a portfolio of residential, commercial and medical office buildings with a combined value of over $750m in assets. As a managing owner, he performed extensive due diligence and directed the acquisition of many portfolio investments, as well as, handled all financial and legal affairs relating to rehabbing, renting, refinancing and ensuring efficient operations within Laub Realty properties. 


In 2016, Andrew foresaw opportunities within the cannabis sector and decided to transition from his real estate business to co-found and form Keneh Ventures. He has implemented the tools and experience that he acquired from his successful real estate career and has established Keneh Ventures as a highly respected investment partner. Andrew is able to identify early-stage investment opportunities and is frequently sought as a strategic investor by organizations throughout the space. Mr. Laub is responsible for raising capital for Keneh Ventures' second fund, Keneh Ventures Fund II, after successfully closing their first round. 


Andrew is a lifetime member of the Arcview Group, serves on the board of Cannabition, and has a presence in each company in the Keneh Ventures Fund II portfolio. 


A graduate of Boston University with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and Business, Andrew resides in Westchester County, NY and works out of the Keneh Ventures New York City offices.

CEO: Andrew Laub
CBDO: Rhett Jordan
CBDO Rhett Jordan

Chief Business Development Officer:

Rhett Jordan is the founder of Native Roots brand of marijuana dispensaries and grow facilities. He has dedicated his career to developing and executing the vision of one of the largest and most successful dispensary chains in the world. Over the past 10 years, Rhett has proven his dedication and expertise in retail, production and extraction techniques, while holding over 150 licenses in the State of Colorado. To date, Rhett has built an empire of  22 medical and recreational retail locations with more set to open in 2020. Native Roots maintains a current total of 250,000 square feet of state of the art grow operations, making Native Roots one of the largest marijuana grows across the globe.


He has also worked on many projects in the marketing and media fields including event production and concert promotion as well as radio and web production. In addition to his business successes, Rhett, a Colorado native, has worked hand-in-hand with lawmakers and industry groups to facilitate effective statewide regulations and development within this genre. With a dedication to 100% state regulatory compliance, he has worked to create public awareness, engage communities and educate the general population about the benefits of responsible recreational and medical marijuana use.


Rhett's undeniable dedication to the community in which he lives and operates, Rhett and Native Roots currently employ over 700 people across the state and he has consistently developed creative and impactful strategies to support countless Colorado businesses.


As Co-founder of Keneh Ventures, Rhett looks forward to leveraging his wealth of knowledge and proven industry expertise, to engage diverse visions of cannabis entrepreneurs across the nation, and create viable platforms on all avenues to support their endeavors.

CFO: Richard Barber, CPA

Chief Financial Officer:

Richard Barber is managing partner of LH Frishkoff & Company LLP, a boutique accounting firm located in New York City. Included in Mr. Barber’s over 30 years of accounting experience is providing services to clients in various fields of industry including Companies with revenue as high as $1.6 billion.


Other clients serviced that are relatable to our fund include private equity firms performing due diligence and advisory on merger and acquisition transactions as well as sophisticated tax strategies. LH Frishkoff & Company LLP will provide tax compliance and strategy to the fund as well due diligence for potential acquisitions.


Mr. Barber graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Studies before moving to the United States. He became a CPA in 1985 and a partner of his firm shortly thereafter.

COO: Pamela Hart

Chief Operating Officer:

As Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Keneh Ventures, Pamela Hart brings decades of business-building acumen to the cannabis space. 

She has co-founded and supported business development for companies across a variety of industries. Through this work, she has developed proficiency in product development, business operations, and investments. Pamela specializes in identifying, creating and executing visionary opportunities.


An early adopter and advocate for health and wellness in the CBD industry, she now possesses experience in business development within the space. Using this experience, as well as her extensive network of relationships, Pamela plays a key role at Keneh Ventures helping to navigate and structure deals, manage investor relations and work with Keneh Ventures portfolio companies in need of infrastructure and business development. 


Pamela’s experience, entrepreneurship and sincere passion for natural health and wellness place her among the leading senior female executives in the cannabis industry. A results-driven team player, she provides leadership for the Keneh Ventures advisory board, and serves on the advisory board for Gofire, a Denver-based healthcare technology, and data company. Pamela is a lifetime member of the Arcview Group.

CDD: Alex Brough

Creative Development Director:

Alex Brough is an entrepreneurial force, with years of experience and expertise in private equity, the cannabis industry, and entertainment. Alex Co-Founded Keneh Ventures, a private equity management firm that strategically invests in the ancillary cannabis space. His intention was to create a platform that allows young entrepreneurs access to capital and experienced consultation to help hard-working professionals achieve their dreams. He has performed due diligence on hundreds of companies and has a reputation for structuring and negotiating complex deals. 


Within the entertainment industry, Alex Co-Founded Sum of Us Films and was the Executive Producer and Producer of the award-winning documentary, Charles Bradley: Soul of America. In addition, he has worked with The Overthrow, a culture collective promoting music and culture in Miami. At Studio411, Alex worked in sales and marketing for the world’s largest distributor of action sports content at the time. More recently, he spent a decade as a cultural marketing strategist, organizing and executing huge brand activations, building strategy, and creating poignant content for clients in diverse industries. 


Alex has founded and participated in numerous companies and organizations and had multiple successful exits. He has curated art exhibits, produced poignant content including music videos and commercials, managed artists, has been a valuable asset in organizing music festivals and collaborated with promoters and brands to create impactful culture marketing strategies. Alex is on the board of the Cannabition Cannabis Museum and is a lifelong member and an active participant in the Arcview Group investor network. He is the Outreach Coordinator for Pitkin County Democrats and currently serves as Vice President of the nonprofit organization the Aspen Young Professionals Association. Alex’s diverse experience is invaluable, he is an entrepreneur, content producer, trendsetter and taste-maker that believes in the values of social equity.

DOM: Alesha Sands

Director of Marketing:

Alesha Sands worked side by side with Alex at Studio411. She was responsible for marketing and sales for over 70 action sports movie titles a year. She went on to work at Rockstar Energy Drink company where she created and led their digital marketing, content marketing, and branding strategies. She was part of curating, creating and producing what is now called the social network trend within the beverage and action sports industries. With a grassroots marketing and PR strategy, Alesha built Rockstar’s social network and digital presence to compete with any major national brand.


In addition to digital marketing and branding, she was also a communications manager, one of their athlete support team managers and athlete resources manager. After Rockstar, she worked for Disney and ESPN’s X Games where Alesha built and executed the international PR strategy for X Games Foz do Iguacu during their global expansion year.


Alesha’s Marketing and Branding skills are a massive benefit to our acquired company assets in teaching them the most modern and effective strategies and how to market to and influence their target markets to create brand awareness, recognition and loyalty.


Raising capital to develop financial infrastructure, product awareness and a network of support, creates lasting brand awareness, recognition and loyalty. With our media partners and consultants, our assets have the strategic advantage to propel ahead of their competitors.

KV specializes in recognizing up-and-coming trends in the ancillary cannabis space and strategically investing in startup companies that have impactful potential on targeted markets.

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We utilize capital raised and invest in viable promising startup companies in need of infrastructure, consultation, strategy and capital within the ancillary cannabis space. Our accomplished team of proven professionals have the experience to achieve a stable appreciation of capital in long-term investments.

The KV due diligence process includes robust procedures that involve financial auditing, recognition of industry trends, and legal expertise.  We pride ourselves in this process to ensure that KV invests in the most prudent manner possible, and mitigates risk for our Funds and investors. This knowledge and process is invaluable in an industry which, while experiencing huge growth, also faces regulatory challenges.


Limited Partnership in Keneh Ventures Funds will be open only to "Accredited" investors. Accredited Investors will be evaluated for suitability on a case-by-case basis.

To find out how you can receive information about the Keneh Ventures platform or if you have an investment opportunity, please complete the form below and one of our partners will respond promptly.